Trucker Chat Android App Apk Download

Trucker Chat Android App Apk Download, We have now option for Private Chat. and give you ability to send pictures.Truck Chat & CB Chat for truckers allows drivers to anonymously post and view messages within
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10 November 2021

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Trucker Chat Android App Apk Download,

a specific mile radius of their current position while travelling. Truck Chat and CB
promote real-time communications between truck drivers, allowing truck drivers
to communicate about issues of relevance, such as parking availability at
truck stops and rest areas or specials of interest to drivers based on their
TruckChat is very simple and easy to use. There’s no need to sign up or log
in with emails. The best part about Truck Chat is that it is completely free to
everyone in the trucking industry. Truckers Chat is a very good way for
everyone in the trucking industry to stay connected and make connections.

With Truck Chat you have the ability to chat with drivers in your area. You
can ask anything and let other drivers respond to you. Likewise, you can
respond to other people’s questions.
TruckChat is just like a CB Radio without the need for any special
equipment. Just chat when you have some down time or riding with a codriver.
The app automatically figures out who is nearby so that you can
easily communicate with other truck drivers. Truck Chat is even better than
a conventional CB since you have your responses in writing and you have
a wider geographic area to make connections and get answers to your
You can post job offers, loads, or information you think is valuable to
drivers. Drivers can find loads, comment on truck stop facilities, specials,
traffic, or anything of concern to other drivers. Drivers are also welcome to
post technical support questions for any product and the community is
encouraged to reply directly to drivers. Truck Drivers and the trucking
community at large are able to post both commercial and noncommercial
messages. There is no charge for any type of message.

Everything is completely anonymous. There’s no sign up required, no
email addresses are obtained and no need to register or sign in when you
use the app. You can simply post your questions or reply to questions or
comments from others who are using the app. You have the option of using
a Chat Handle, which is a name that appears next to your posts.

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