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Shoe Crushing Android App Apk Download, You might be obsessed with seeing videos of crushing things with the hydraulic press but have you ever seen a high heel crushing soft objects? Have you ever tried smashing, crushing, and destroying things while hitting shoe sole for a satisfying asmr show? Does a Crushing soft and squishy object give you an oddly satisfaction and ASMR experience? So, get ready for the most amazing, yet interesting high heels tipy toe crushing game of 2021.
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5 November 2021

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Shoe Crushing Android App Apk Download,

In this new oddly satisfying ASMR experience you can now crush, crunch, pop and smash everyday objects using your shoe heels with a force. The best heels crushing asmr tippy toe game for kids and adults. High Heels crushing popit game 3D, an amazing game to play for everyone.

How to Play:
- First of all, choose a game mode like step n smash or run n crush.
- In step n smash, Simple tap and hold operations to do your favorite shoe crushing.
- Press on the force meter to crush the objects.
- You will crush bottles corn cobs,toy cars, alarm clocks, pumpkins, squishy objects and a mobile phone.
- Earn coins and keep unlocking different objects for an oddly satisfying experience.
- Different levels of smashing are waiting for you.

- Best Hyper casual shoe crushing game for girls & boys.
- Realistic soft objects with ultimate ASMR experience.
- Many different types of objects for smashing and popping with heel steps like a car crusher.
- Squeeze rainbow color popper squishy animal toys to prevent autism.
- Realistic and Stress relieving big size push popping sounds.
- Crunchy satisfaction like puppet popper relaxing sounds.
- Enjoy unlimited crushing of rubber chicks, soda cans, toothpastes, squishies and more.

What exactly feels when your foot acts as a pointed sharp hydraulic press for satisfying stress-relieving heel crushing & foot crushing experience? So, This is going to be your ultimate relaxing shoe ASMR crushing experience for anxiety management. Push Pop it, slice and crush it collection of different soft and hard pop it rainbow models like pop it fidgets toys, popit phone case, squish balls, slime balls, pop it fidget trading and hard objects using pointed high heel shoes like needles and knives for stress relief & ASMR triggers.

Release your frustration and anxiety for a no-stress experience and try this heel-crushing, destroying art, pressing and popping things in your mobile.



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