Ryobi Laser Pointer App Android App Apk Download


Ryobi Laser Pointer App Android App Apk Download, The Laser Pointer Simulator is an App for to play jokes on your friends. This application includes three types of screen effects, The laser pointer effect, the electric screen simulator and the broken screen animation.
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8 July 2018

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Ryobi Laser Pointer App Android App Apk Download,

*** DISCLAIMER *** Laser Pointer Simulator is NOT a REAL LASER POINTER. No laser beam will come out of your device. You will only be able to see the simulation of effects within the screen of your phone or tablet.

Instructions for use:

To be able to visualize the broken screen and electric screen effect, you must first access the laser shot simulator screen, by clicking on the first button of the game (laser pointers), then choose the first type of laser pointer (laser without light), then access the laser pointer screen. Press and hold the pointer for 20 seconds and you can see the animation of the power recharge, once the 20 seconds have elapsed you will see an animation simulating that your device is overloaded and suddenly the broken screen effect will appear, simulating that the glass of the screen of your device has been broken, at this time if you touch the screen again the electric screen effect will appear, simulating animated electricity beams on the screen.


- 3 types of screen effects (Laser, Broken and Electric)
- Realistic sound effects
- Vibration mode (On / Off)
- Audio On / Off- Mode activate light Stroboscopic Led
- Mini ball game included
- Does not need internet connection
- Light App



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