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Pointy Arrow Android App Apk Download, In a new city and not sure which direction to walk? Pointy Arrow shows a big arrow pointing the way!
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6 February 2018

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Pointy Arrow Android App Apk Download, Does not need or use an internet connection. No need to read map or work out what direction
you are facing - just follow the arrow!

Use Pointy Arrow to help find your way about when travelling. You can enter in all your destinations
while in a hotel room (using Google Maps on your laptop to help find the latitidue and longitude). Then
when you set out, tap on a destination, select "Big Arrow", then just follow it!


•  Add your current location as a New Destination - e.g. when you park your car, or leave your hotel

•  Or enter the latitude and longitude of any destination you want

•  Select a destination to show as Big Arrow when you want to go there

•  All destinations are shown at the same time along with distance to each one (closest first)

•  Your location latitude and longitude is shown (top left)

•  Your magnetic compass bearing is shown (top right)

•  Tap a destination to edit it, swipe left or right on the edit screen to see other destinations

•  GPS Arrow mode will set the arrow direction based on your movement

•  Mag Arrow mode will set the arrow direction using magnetic compass (default)

•  Background is black to reduce battery use on OLED phones

New in version 1.1.0:

•  Add / Edit screen you can enter a geohexa instead of a lat lon

•  On the Add / Edit screen there is a menu where you can export destinations. The file is called pointy_arrow_export.txt and is found at the root of Local storage / Device storage.
A geohexa is also output - it is calculated from the Lat Lon at 1cm accuracy

•  There is also an option to import destinations from the same file. You just need the destination name, lat and lon. If a destination with the same name already exists, it will be skipped.
Export destinations first to see the file format

Tips for using:

•  If the compass does not seem to work in your device it might come good after a few minutes.
You can also try using the GPS Arrow option - but you need to move so your current direction can be calculated.
Keep an eye on the GPS Accuracy too - it needs to be better than 24m to attempt a calculation.

•  Tilting the device up and down repeatedly can help the compass calibrate itself

•  You can get a GPS latitude and longitude from Google Maps just by clicking on the map

That's all the app does! Have fun!


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