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Jammer Detector Android App Apk Download, Introduction. Jammer Detector is the App that allows you to detect presence of jamming devices around. In that situation your mobile phone loses the ability to make a phone call. If it happened, the App gives you a visual or sound message. The time for reaction on a working jammer depends on hardware communication part of your device and typically can be in 30-60 sec range.
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7 May 2018

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Jammer Detector Android App Apk Download,



  • Completely NO ads.
  • The app records an event log and writes the location where a jamming device or 'out-of-service' state was detected.
  • The signal strength indication.
  • Vibration indication of the alarm event.
  • Background mode with notifications. Once this option starts, the App runs quietly in the background and requires no human interaction until the alarm event happens. It continues to run even after the device reboots.
  • Adjustable battery consumption in the background mode. The App is designed to conserve your device battery and allows to select the data update rate. The more update rate time, the less battery it takes.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Does the jammer app detect if someone or another device is intentionally trying to jam my signal so that I'm not able to use my phone?
A: Yes, That's exactly the app does.

Q: How do I stop my signal from being jammed?
A: If your phone has been jammed and you want to get your cellular service back, you have three options to do it:

1. Change your current location. Just make few steps aside. Depending on the power of a jamming device, the affected area can be between a meter and a hundred meters.

2. Change 'Network mode' in the 'Settings' of your phone (for example, Settings -> Connections -> Mobile networks ->Network mode). The 'Network mode' could be: LTE (4G), UMTS (3G), GSM (2G). In some cases jammer devices are not able to work in all type of frequency ranges (network modes). So, it's possible that one of the network mode will be working despite the jammer.

3. Find the jamming device and turn it off. In some cases it's possible to localize the spot where the jammer has been installed. You can use an additional device called the RF Detector for it OR just use your phone, but in the last case you need some skills to search the jammer.

PS: Pay attention, if your cellular signal is very weak and the phone lose it, the app also will do alarm.

Q: I live out in the woods with no cell service and the alarm goes off like crazy.
A: That is exactly the purpose of this app: to inform when your phone out of service, no matter the reason of that. It could be the wood area, or a jammer device, or a deep underground. But if you launch the app with no cell service, the alarm will not go off until the switching between ‘in service’ and ‘out of service’.

If you have any problems or any suggestions to improve this application, please feel free to contact

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