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Easykeyfider Android App Apk Download, This app is used to match with key finder, compatible devices: bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4 and later system. One can control the other through Bluetooth. The following are functions of this app.
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9 April 2020

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Easykeyfider Android App Apk Download,

First of all, searching the Bluetooth of key finder. Tap the Scan icon in the Device List to connect with key finder, then the app will show its name and also you can rename it as you like.

Second, tap the name of key finder and come to the main interface. Now you can control the key finder.

Basically speaking, when key finder goes out of range, the app will alert you with sound, vibration and flash. Alarm can be set on key finder, phone, or both.

So the main function of this app is to find objects that are with key finders. Tap the icon in the bottom of the screen, the key finders will alert with sound to inform you where to find your objects.

Also, the app can be used as Remote Shutter. Tap the camera icon to launch camera in the app. Press the button on the key finder to trigger the phone take picture or video.

Besides, the app has Lost Location History function. When connection was broken, the app will add a pushpin on the map. It can inform you when and where lost the key finder.

In Settings Function, you can set to turn on/off the Phone Sound, Key Finder Sound when conncetion is paired or broken. Also you can set Vibration, Flash when alarming. Moreover, you can set the Alarm Distance which is NEAR or FAR and select the Ringtones of the phone when alarming.



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