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Charming App Android App Apk Download, Hey Check us out we're pretty great You found us so it must be fate
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10 June 2021

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Charming App Android App Apk Download,


Check us out we're pretty great
You found us so it must be fate

Magic charms for heart and soul
Mind and body rock and roll

Get the love you need each day
To help you live, work, and play

Exercise your memory too
It's both fun and good for you

We're mindfulness but with a twist
Take a look you'll get the gist

We're wellness also that's for sure
Full of fun features like a vibrator

Sent from the heavens up above
A gift for you that's made with love

If you want to please go gold
Thx for doing what you're told

And if you leave a kind review
We'd be deeply in debt to you

And if you'd like to get in touch
Feel free to email thx so much


The mindfulness app with mindful breathing exercises you've been seeking.
Magic charms for self growth, self improvement and self worth.

Improve mood and ease your strife, we'll help you make a better life.
The two of us, together now, let's meditate so you know how.

Not by listening to some speech - the things that other people preach.
Distracted by others' voices, we don't think clear about our choices.

So spend a minute in your brain, train your memory, play a game.
Take a moment to take stock; you're the river we're the rock.

Charming App Features:

• Unique mindfulness and self-improvement system that helps you meditate daily with a specific focus on the values, like Love, that are most helpful to you in your everyday life and relationships. Give yourself the relationship advice you need, by spending the time in your own mind, focusing on your breathing and meditating on what is important to you.

• Integrated sensory focus tool to assist your mindful breathing meditation. Set the breath timing that is most comfortable for you, and complete ten deep mindful breaths to unlock the power of each charm, and earn a bonus to top off your reward from checking in daily.

• Positive affirmation to help you be confident and keep your glow going all day long. Gain daily advice from two perspectives on how to live a good life and be a good person, and be mindful of your behavior and its consequences. You are on your own journey to mindfulness and mental health wellness, and we are here to help you learn to focus inward during mindfulness meditation and improve your self confidence.

• Exercises to improve your short and long-term memory. These memory exercises are fun games, and you can unlock harder difficulty levels by using the app regularly, adding to the mental challenge and potential rewards. Get a reward when you achieve a new personal best completing a memory exercise.

• Check in daily to earn more keys, and advance in levels to unlock more challenging exercises. Spin the bonus wheel; everyone wins! The more consistently you use Charming App, even if it's only a minute or two each day, the more charms you unlock for your mindfulness meditation and mindful breathing exercises.

Charming App is free to use, and there is an optional in-app subscription that provides extra features and benefits to paid subscribers. Go gold and get double daily bonus rewards, no ads , advanced options, more backgrounds and music tracks, free memory exercises, and other new features!

According to Harvard University, credible studies have demonstrated a connection between mindfulness and depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, as well as between meditation and depression and memory. Charming App Mindfulness has tools for meditation and memory.

About Charming Ape:

Charming Ape is an indie software developer based out of British Columbia, Canada. With roots in game design and experience in the education and health sectors making educational games for kids with learning disabilities, Charming Ape has combined elements from both of these backgrounds to create this unique tool for self-improvement and personal development.

Special thank you to:

-Kyle Ferguson for UI/UX design support
-Jason Aguendia for talented 3D modelling expertise
-Carrera Caldwell and FlipT Digital for video production



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